LibertyCon Shooting Trip 2018


This page has information for the Baen Barfly shooting trip held prior to the start of the LibertyCon Science Fiction Convention in Chattanooga, TN.  The shoot is not officially a convention event, and is not limited to convention attendees OR Baen Barflies, but it is held in coordination with the convention staff.



Date: TBD

Time: 0830 – 1300 CST
Cost: $30
Location: TBD
RSVP to with a subject line of “LibertyCon Shoot 2017”, please include the names, dates of birth, addresses, NRA membership numbers (if applicable) and phone numbers of all intended participants.

Like last year, we’ll have a mandatory safety briefing for all shooters from 0830 to 0900, then the range officers will take the experienced shooters to the range while the newer shooters attend a one hour safety class.  Due to time constraints, anyone who is not present at 0830 will need to wait for a second safety briefing after the new shooter class.

Something new for this year is that if anybody is interested in taking the NRA Basic Pistol Blended Course, which involves roughly eight hours of online training, followed by hands-on drills and qualification at the range (the drills may be demonstrated in my room either Thursday or at some point during the convention), I’ll accept up to eight students to do so, it will cost an additional $50 over the normal course fee, and I’ll need to purchase and distribute activation codes at least one week prior to the convention.

Currently, we are confirmed for the use of the pistol/carbine range, which limits rifle calibers to .30 caliber and lower.  We will attempt to utilize the rifle range again this year, it has been extended out to 400 yards.

I will have some firearms with ammunition available (but please contribute to the cost of it), but I recommend bringing some if you don’t have your own firearm.  I’ll have pistols in 9mm, .45, and .38/.357, and .22lr, along with rifles in .22lr, 5.56mm, 6.8SPC, .30 Carbine, and .30-06.

I have a couple of range officers identified, but if any of the other Barflies want to volunteer, please let me know. We’ll probably try to have as many of the RO’s as possible arrive early to make sure the range is set up for our use.

Attached are the liability waivers for my training and the range, along with a diagram of how the range is laid out.









The shooting trip originated as a convention event for only some of the convention staff and major convention guests, with the Barflies holding their own shooting event afterwards so any of the guests who wished to could stick around and shoot with the Barflies as well.  Due to other pressures, the convention discontinued their official shoot and asked if any guests who wanted to go shooting could go with us.  Now there is again an official shooting trip, but it’s only for the guests of honor, the remaining guests are still invited to go with us.

Several years ago, I realized that the group shooting trip was getting too large to continue in an unorganized manner, so I obtained my NRA instructor certification and at least one Barfly got his NRA Range Safety Officer certification.  In 2013, the size of our group, and the fact that we had certified instructors and RSO’s, caused some consternation for the Park Ranger at the Wildlife Management Area range we’d been using, in addition they had made changes to the range which made it less amenable to our activities, so I looked for an alternative range, the alternative I found was to rent a commercial training facility for our use, using my instructor credentials and insurance.  It means we now have to pay to use the range, but we have control over who is present and how they conduct themselves.

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  1. Sorry – this comment almost got lost in the spam, yes, the current plan is to have another trip next year, I just haven’t reserved the range yet. When we get closer to the date, I’ll have people email me at with a subject line of “LibertyCon 2016 Shoot” and the same details as above to get placed on the list, but pre-registration is not required.

  2. Hey, just sent you our RSVP email. I can offer to bring a good bit of ammo and some extra firearms. My wife is having shoulder issues right now, we expect she’ll be healed up enough to shoot her Mossberg 930 if there’s a place to shoot it. If she’s not healed, that just means more off hand practice for her. 😉

    • I may take you up on that, I’m putting together an email to all of the people who volunteered as RSO’s, if you could send your email address to… Right now, I figure I need at least one at the rifle range whenever it’s in use, and three to four on the line with one watching the entire line, if we have enough volunteer RSO’s, I’ll want to rotate them to allow them to shoot as well.

    • I don’t want to exclude anybody, but safety is the first priority. For shooters under 14, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times on the range, and may be restricted on what they are allowed to shoot. 14-17 I need some form of parental permission slip if they’re not present, and at least one legal adult listed on that permission slip present to sign waivers, but they don’t have to continually accompany them.

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