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I’m only going to list companies or individuals who I know or have done business with, there are many other great companies and individuals out there in the firearms industry, I just haven’t dealt with all of them.

Larry Correia – author and gun enthusiast, not sure if he’s still teaching firearm classes.

Precision Applications – high-end firearm training in the Atlanta area, one of the lead instructors is a former Recon Marine and current Federal Air Marshal.

Sandy Springs Shooting Range – Atlanta area range that has tentatively agreed to host classes

Hi-Caliber Firearms – Local range where I might be able to teach classes, I’ve bought guns and reloading supplies from them

Cherokee Gun and Pawn – some of the best prices on firearms in the Atlanta area

Brownells – source of gunsmithing and shooting supplies


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  1. Jon Stewart kinda went to the point at the end of his bit 2 post back. When you or I say gun control, that’s what we are tlaking about. We have rational discussions about registration, sale and transfer, magazine size and military design. My big thing is training and certification. Lots of different approaches and I know that neither Barbara or any of the regulars have advocated for confiscation.When gun nuts hear the words gun control’ they think gun confiscation’. It’s no accident the gun magazines have been predicting and warning and stoking the fires of paranoia for years! Any gun enthusiast has been getting a steady stream of predictions that they are going to take your guns so they can take away your rights and then they are going to execute you like Stalin and Mao. I’m sorry to say this because it goes against my basic belief in finding common ground negotiating compromise. These people can’t be reasoned with. When gun control is proposed, regardless of what is actually there, some of these kooks will go off violently. And when the government doesn’t confiscate their guns, they will declare it’s because they scared away the feds.

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